Kindergarten Catchment Project – Ghana

Hillside - GhanaOur involvement in this project is part of a larger endeavor to build a Kindergarten/Nursery School in KwakuSae, a community of farmers in the West Akim District of the Eastern Region of Ghana. The project is coordinated by Peace Corps Volunteer W. Ruge.

The planned school project will be of concrete and block, with three open classrooms for the students and staff. In addition, there will be an office and a closable storeroom for supplies.

Our project funds will be used to put raingutters around the building. The water collected from the roof will be directed into a large 3,000 liter plastic tank that is on the site, but is presently unused.

Road - GhanaThe community will provide labor, sand, gravel and transportation of materials for the project.

This community has exhibited a strong desire to improve the educational facilities that they offer their children and those from surrounding communities.

The Ghana Ministry of Education has reconized the value of this project and indicated its continued support for this level of education in KwakuSae.

For several years, the Kindergarten/Nursery school has operated from meager facilities of mud and sheet metal. With improved facilities, the community leaders will be able to provide for quality education for their own children, and also attract children from surrounding communities.

This project will have direct impact on approximately 600 people.

With great community and school participation, this project will succeed in creating an environment conducive to early childhood education. By joining a larger effort, our contribution, which will lead to a water supply for the children, will have a much greater impact than it could have had as an individual project.

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The participation of Water Charity in this project has now been funded, through the generosity of The Soneva SLOW LIFE Trust as a part of their Clean Water Projects initiative.

Any donations using the Donate button below will go toward additional water and sanitation projects in Ghana.

This project has been completed. To read about the conclusion of this project, CLICK HERE.

Conclusion of Kindergarten Catchment Project – Ghana

Kindergarten Catchment Project – Ghana This project has been completed under the direction of Peace Corps Volunteer Alan Ruge. To read about the beginning of the project, CLICK HERE.

The overall project was the construction of a Kindergarten/Nursery School in KwakuSae, a community in the West Akim District of the Eastern Region of Ghana. The involvement of Water Charity was for the rainwater collection system.

After the building was largely completed, with walls, roof, floors, and ceilings, the work was done on the water tank. The plumber installed a tap and prepared the tank for installation next to the school.

Kindergarten Catchment Project – Ghana The tank was placed on the concrete stand, and the gutters were then put up and connected to the tank.

The building was then completed with doors, windows, and paint. It was then dedicated, and put into use!

Alan expressed his gratitude and that of the community:

We want to thank you all again for helping to make this whole project possible. The town and students are all very excited about the new facility, and we are very happy to be able to offer this project to help improve the life of the students in KwakuSae.

After the conclusion of this project, Alan undertook the renovation of one of the classrooms in the JSS (Junior Secondary School) that had been condemned for safety reasons. This amply demonstrates the momentum that derives from successfully finishing a major endeavor, and building on that base of community support.

Alan and his wife Marian are completing their Peace Corps service and heading home. We owe Alan a debt of gratitude for completing this ambitious project, and continuing to do more.

We again wish to thank The Soneva SLOW LIFE Trust for providing the funding for this project.

Kindergarten Catchment Project – GhanaKindergarten Catchment Project – Ghana
Kindergarten Catchment Project – GhanaKindergarten Catchment Project – Ghana

Progress Report - Kindergarten Catchment Project – Ghana

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Digging Foundation - GhanaOur participation in this project is to fund the raingutters around the building, which will feed a water storage tank. Although this portion of the project comes later in the construction, we will provide progress reports as the work progresses.

The old school for the KG/Preschool currently houses some 30-40 children in a mud hut environment. With the large numbers of children in the community the school is well beyond capacity. The new school construction was started in a field in front of the old school.

Peace Corps Volunteer Alan Ruge reports:

In the first two days of work by community members, they dug the foundation by hand and poured concrete and standing rebar for the pillars. After a day to cure, the first foundation blocks were laid and the work progressed.

As of this time, the community has been working for seven days and they have placed the foundation and cemented in the first six rows of blocks.

Classroom Walls - GhanaBasic construction in Ghana is done with solid concrete blocks that are 9 x 18 inches and are 6 inches thick for the foundation and then 5 inches thick for the walls. To begin we had 1,350 blocks delivered. We have over 1/3 already used, as well as cement, sand, gravel and rebar.

There was a break of 3 days for the funeral of the retired headmaster of the school. Now that this is over we anticipate a fairly prompt construction schedule with an end date in February or March, 2010. We are already looking forward to the end product and this wonderful new addition to the community.

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This project has been completed. To read about the conclusion of this project, CLICK HERE.